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This magnificent Canyon complex is world renowned for its spectacular scenery and its people, the famed Tarahumara. The Copper Canyon is a perfect extension to a trip to Alamos.

The Chihuahua al Pacifico Train can be boarded at El Fuerte, a small colonial town on the El Fuerte River only a two and a half hour drive from Alamos. The thrilling nine hour train ride takes you along river and canyon edges and through tunnels.

There are numerous ways to plan a trip to the Copper Canyon from Alamos. Following are some suggestions of companies, hotels and informative guides:

The only Tour Operator located INSIDE the Copper Canyon
Our offices in both El Fuerte and Creel offer a range of services for your travels in the Copper Canyon. Customized trips through the canyons from an insider's perspective. We offer independent, guided and group trips with an emphasis on quality and comfort.
Hotel Torres del Fuerte
Located centrally in the town of El Fuerte on Calle Robles
Tel.: (698) 893-1974
El Fuerte is the jumping off point for the Copper Canyon. Overnight here and take the train early the next morning. 25 rooms, two lobby areas, spacious gardens, art gallery, restaurant and bar.
Cabanas San Isidro, near Urique Canyon
Cabanas San Isidro, near Urique Canyon, offers reasonably priced accommodations in a wilderness setting. Hiking, horseback riding and birdwatching tours are available.
To reserve, call 011-52-635-456-0036 from the US or Canada
Make inquiries through
Cultural and Natural History Adventures in Copper Canyon with Private Lodges
"As the number of people visiting the Sierra increases, tour companies are taking people deeper into the mountains to get away from the effects of mass tourism. The best of the bunch is Canyon Travel. Canyon Travel is pretty much in a class by itself. It has lined up some beautiful small lodges in the canyons and in El Fuerte and has staffed them with local guides. Canyon also offers a lot of flexibility, and it takes responsibility for the people it sends into the Sierra, responding quickly to problems."

"continually receives the best reports and has the most flexible itineraries"
MEXICO HANDBOOK - Moon Travel Handbooks

Guided Wilderness Adventures Among the Tarahumara through the Mesas and Canyons of Chihuahua, Mexico
Copper Canyon guide service for hiking, backpacking and canyoneering in the Batopilas, Urique, Sinforosa and Oteros Canyons. We encourage families with children to take the 'Cross Canyon Hike' from Batopilas to Urique! Choose from a custom itinerary with or without pack animal support that suits your group's physical abilities.
Alamos and Copper Canyon Tours from Southern Arizona with overnights in San Carlos, Alamos, El Fuerte, Posada Barrancas and Nuevo Casas Grandes
This wonderful route takes you along the Sea of Cortez to the towns of Guaymas and San Carlos where you spend time of the water of this beautiful resort town. Be treated to overnights in the colonial towns of Alamos and El Fuerte. Board the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad for the amazing jouney from just above sea level to 8,000 feet in 6 hours, to the Jewel of the Sierra Madre - Mexico's Copper Canyon. Four times larger than the Grand Canyon, this Mexican National Treasure is still very rustic but with all the modern conveniences. Encounter the colorful Tarahumara Indians who have retained their traditions to a greater degree than any other indigenous people in Mexico.
A seemingly endless resource for budget travel in Mexico
Explore the Copper Canyon and the Sierra Madre with Karl Franz who calls on 30 years of travel in Mexico to detail everything from buses to burros including camping, hiking, RV Travel, mountain biking, places to stay and exquisite photos.
In the land that time forgot, at the edge of civilization—from high country trails, to a subtropical canyon floor silver town; where travelers explore hidden caves, hot springs, missions, and walk ancient Tarahumara Indian trails. Copper Canyon Lodges has been in the hotel and hospitality business for over 20 years, bringing authentic cultural and hiking opportunities to adventurous, independent travelers, and providing socially responsible employment to their neighboring folks. Roberto and Martin are your consummate hosts at the Sierra Lodge near Creel and the Riverside Lodge in Batopilas. “There are hotels that are merely places to stay, and then (rarely) there are Hotels with a capital ‘H’ that seem to embody the very essence of where they are. This turns out to be one of the latter…” excerpt from the timeless article in National Geographic Traveler. Check it out at Copper Canyon Lodges


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