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Getting Here By Private Aircraft - updated December 2009

Pilots are Welcomed in Alamos .. we hope that you visit often and join the local “Club Pilotos de Alamos”

Alamos boasts a newly resurfaced 5,000 foot runway in great condition. The Alamos City Airport is fenced and has adequate space for aircraft of all sizes plus a state of the art hangar. Night landings are not permitted as there are no runway lights.

Alamos Coordinates are:

Runway 13 – N27 02 62, W 108 57 25, Elevation 1,318’
Runway 3 – N27 02 06, W 108 56 63, Elevation 1,298’

ICAO Identifier: MM-45

The runway is very visible at about 11 o’clock to the village. Use Unicom 122.8 other aircraft. It is monitored some of the time and the operator has limited English.

Security is provided by the Mexican Military stationed at the airport.

The Airport attendant will meet your plane, register your arrival and assist to tie-down or to park in the hangar. He can also assist you with transportation to your hotel.

There is a combined landing/overnight fee of $15.00 US per day paid to the city at the airport office. Hangar space is available to Hacienda de los Santos guests at no charge, or an additional $25.00 US per night for non-guests, when space is available.

Flying to Alamos, Sonora requires a stop at an international port of entry such as Hermosillo (HMO) or Ciudad Obregon (MMCN) to Clear Customs and Immigration.

Detailed information for Aircraft VFR Flights from Tucson to Alamos, Sonora can be found at the website for Hacienda de los Santos written by experienced pilot, Jim Swickard, who also sponsors the local, “Club Pilotos de Mexico”.

The following are some websites of interest when planning a flight to Alamos:

For current information regarding crossing the US Border under the new Homeland Security Mandates visit Baja Bush Pilots

For mandatory requirements for flights crossing US borders, visit Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Weather Information for Mexico and specifically for Alamos, Sonora visit Wunderground


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