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Current Annual Calendar of Events for Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.
Museums and Cultural Centers in and Around Alamos
For this year's dates see: Annual Calendar of Events
The ten day cultural festival celebrates the life of Dr. Alfonzo Ortiz Tirado, world renowned singer, surgeon, philanthropist and humanist. Dr. Ortiz Tirado, an extraordinary tenor, was a native of Alamos. Each year, during the last ten days of January, Alamos opens its arms to pianists, symphony orchestras, choral groups, quartets, and dancers who entertain at fixed venues throughout the city. Art walks and cultural workshops are presented. Activities are co-ordinated under the auspices of the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura.

This annual festival showcases films, performances and hands on workshops over 3 days.
Alamos Silver Festival
Renown Mexican silversmiths demonstrate and display their art, and restaurants offer fine cuisine during this Annual Silver Festival in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Silver Classes will be held in conjunction with the festival.
See Annual Calendar of Events for this year's dates.

La Estudiantina
The “Tuna” or Estudiantina is a group of students that join to sing traditional songs using various string and percussion instruments, and dress in students’ clothing of Spain in the 11 to 13 centuries. Alamos is proud of the Estudiantina who lead in song on the grand “callejoneadas”, street processions, during many celebrations.
Alamos has several interesting religous celebrations throughout the year
Mayo and Yaqui Cultures
The Mayo tribe is the largest in Mexico. Their biggest fiesta of the year is La Trinidad celebrated May 14th.
The celebration starts in Juparé just outside of Huatabampo. It is a continuous celebration with Pascola and Deer Dances followed by a 9-day manda between the two villages of Etchojoa and Juparé.

(Juparé is easily reached on paved road. Turn right on the boulevard east side of Palacio in Huatabampo, continue on the road about 5 miles to the sign for Juparé. Right turn. The village is about 2 miles along. There is a small museum dedicated to the culture in the village; be sure to stop in just behind the church.)

Colonial architecture of historic Alamos buildings


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