About Alamos

About Alamos


Alamos was named one of the ‘Pueblos Magicos’ of Mexico in 2005. A special designation due to the preservation of its historical architecture and cultural heritage. Alamos is the Cultural Center for the State of Sonora with its many festivals, in particular, the “Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado” featuring world renown opera performances each January.

Due to its 188 colonial Andalusian architectural style haciendas dating as far back as the founding of the city in 1683, Alamos is one of the country’s National Historic Monuments and the northern most Colonial City. In the 1940’s when the population was barely 800 and most of the adobe haciendas were in varying states of ruin, outsiders arrived and the process of restoring these colonial gems began. Today, Alamos is a flourishing town and a favorite get-away for foreigners and nationals.

City Facts

City Mayor: Ing. José Benjamin Anaya Rosas, of the PRI party (2018 to 2021)
Founded: Alamos was founded in 1681
Population: City 15,000 / Municipality 30,000 including Mayo and Guarijio Indigenous Communities
Internationals: 280 Families
Elevation: 1,346 Feet
Location: 52 Kilometers (32 Miles) East of Navojoa, Sonora – Highway International #15
Municipal Airport: Paved Airstrip of 4,000 Feet in length
Sister City: Scottsdale, Arizona


Alamos has ideal weather conditions with 360 days of sunshine. 

The winters are dry and temperate. 

Summers bring exciting monsoon rains where the Arroyos flow. Monsoon season is from June to October.  


Winter temperatures range from 75°-80°by day and 55°-65° during the nights.

Summers range from 85°-95° by day and 6070 degrees during the summer nights.

December and January, may bring gentle soaking rains, “equipatas”. On either side of the rainy season, there are long dry spells.

Current Temperatures

Colorful Alamos Mexico Sign

To find the current temperature and a historical click onto Weather in Alamos


Alamos lies in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Occidental, or western, range of the Siera Madres includes an abrupt change in elevation from the Sea of Cortez to Alamos at 1,346 feet, continuing on to the Sierra de Alamos rising to 6,700 feet. The Occidental then transitions on to the Chihuahua border where the elevation reaches 7,500 feet in only 70 miles as the crow flies.


It is always good to exchange some Mexican money at the border. Banks offer favorable exchange rates and will require passports. ATM machines are readily available throughout Mexico including in Alamos. BANORTE has a satellite office in Alamos directly across the street from the Pemex station at the entrance to town. 

Currency Exchange

Casa de Cambio/Money Exchange is located steps away from the BANORTE BANK, offering favorable rates and is opened Monday to Saturday. Click here for a good source to receive up to date exchange rates between Mexican Pesos and other international currencies.

Telephone & Internet

The country code for Mexico is +52. The area code for Alamos is 647. TELMEX provides land lines with high speed internet, where monthly package costs vary with personal requirements. Celular phone service is available through TELCEL. It is easy to acquire a SIM card with a local number, with great offerings of free data and phone calls to US and Canada

Cable TV

Cable TV through Direct TV or MEGACABLE is available with a variety of viewing packages.

Postal Service

Mexican Postal Service is still somewhat slow, but available and delivered directly or to a private box at the Post Office. 

FEDEx and DHL will deliver to Alamos. The send out offices are located in Navojoa. 

ESTEFETA and MULTIPAK package services provide reliable package delivery within Mexico.

Tourisim Offices

The Office of Tourism
Delegate: Luz Del Carmen Parra Vázquez
Contact: (647) 428-0450
OCV Alamos Pueblo Magico
Director: Danitza Rodriguez
Contact: FaceBook Page

Call Now! 526474280450


Business Opportunities

Alamos welcomes foreign investment and offers countless opportunities for new or relocating businesses. A recent law now allows foreigners to own 100% of a Mexican corporation. Bilingual legal, accounting and business consulting expertise is available. Alamos has a young and vibrant workforce making it particularly advantageous to open or relocate a small business requiring 15 to 30 employees.

Prime Industries

Cattle ranching and agriculture are the primary industries in the area. Mining, the construction trades, tourism, and household help are other sources of employment.
Since 2005, the Piedras Verdes Copper Mine has provided employment for locals in the county.


In Sonora people say “You may miss the beef, but never the Chiltepín”, which is a variety of “Capsicum Annuum.”

This pepper is harvested after the start of the monsoons, from wild stands in the Sonoran desert, the heat level of the fruit can vary greatly from year to year, depending on the amount of natural rainfall that occurs during the time the fruits are forming. During drought years, fruit heat levels can be weak, and during normal rainfall years, the highest heat levels are produced. Chiltepín are sold about town in a variety of ways .. freshly harvested or in powder or sauce.

Jumping Beans Brincadores

Mexican jumping beans (also known as frijoles saltarines in Spanish) are seed pods that have been inhabited by the larva of a small moth (Cydia deshaisiana) and are native to this area.
The “bean” is usually tan to brown in color. It “jumps” when heated because the larva spasms in an attempt to roll the seed to a cooler environment to avoid dehydration and consequent death. They are from the shrub Sebastiania pavoniana, often also referred to as “jumping bean”.
Alamos is known as the jumping capital as it grows easily in the Sierra of Alamos and surrounding area.


Cajeta in Alamos is made from fruit, usually from local guayaba (guava fruit) or from membrillo (quince or mountain apples), occasionally with límon or durazno (peach).

 In the fall, truck loads of membrillo come down from the Sierras. Big kettles of the fruit and sugar are boiled over open wood fires in the patios. The thick syrup is poured into fancy gelatin molds. It sets up solid at room temperature and is sliced to serve. It tastes a bit like apple butter. Houses that sell it have signs in front, “Se vende cajeta.” Just knock on the door to buy.


Bacanora is a traditional drink in the state of Sonora, Mexico, just as the Tequila is the most traditional drink in Jalisco, Mexico. It is produced from agave Pacifica, also called Agave Yaquiana, a plant that grows in the mountain range of the State. Bacanora has been produced for over 300 years, and the secrets of its elaboration have been taught through many generations.

The traditional methods for manufacturing and distilling Bacanora are still followed after many hundreds of years.

Alamos boasts of producing the award winning “El Real De Alamos”, whichcan be purchased around town, particularly at “Teresita’s Panaderia & Bistro”



Ages 4 to 6 years
5 in Neighborhoods


3 in Neighborhoods – Ages 6 to 12 years Including – the Private Intercultural School


2 in Neighborhoods – Ages 12 to 15 years

High School

Ages 15 to 18 years
In last year of school, a career path is chosen.


Preparatoria COBACH –  Campus in Alamos of the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Cajeme with curriculum studies: Mining, Tourism & Business Administration.


There are several very good doctors in Alamos, who will make house calls when necessary, and speak English fluently. Excellent Nursing services for long-term and end of life home care are available at good prices.


Alamos has a good basic hospital for urgent care. There are also several other clinics. Laboratories provide test results the same day. Additional, excellent care and hospital facilities can be found in Navojoa, plus the world class, CIMA Hospital in Hermosillo.

Fire Trucks & Ambulance

Alamos has a fleet of Fire Trucks and Emergency Ambulances.

Medical Insurance

Some hospitals accept Blue Cross and other American insurance plans. It is true that Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted outside of the U.S., but supplemental plans are accepted. Many foreigners choose to join the MSS (Mexican Social Security) plan which costs about $350 USD a year and covers medical, dental and vision. Alamos has a Social Security Clinic which refers patients for further care.


The central church in the Plaza de Armas is the Catholic Church of Purisima Concepcion. There are also other denominations in town including Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, and Calvary Christian.


Americans and others have been coming to Mexico for dental procedures for years. Typically, dental care in Mexico is one third the price of similar care in the United States. Alamos has several good dentists. There are excellent Dentists in Navajoa, where you can find the latest technology.