Getting Here

Getting To Alamos

ALAMOS is Located:

50 km East of Navojoa, Sonora on Highway 15
An 8 hour drive from Nogales, Arizona USA
A 2 1/2 hour drive from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
A 2 1/2 hour drive from the Train to Copper Canyon
A 3 1/2 hour drive from Guaymas and San Carlos, Sonora
3 hours by Private Plane from Tucson with stop for Inmigration
6 hours by Private Plane from Mexico City

Getting here by Commercial Airline

Several International Airports offer nearby land connections to Alamos.

Colorful Alamos Mexico Sign

Ciudad Obregon (CEN)

The closest international airport. Airline service is provided by VOLARIS, DELTA, AEROMEXICO, INTERJET and CALAFIA AIRLINES. There are daily flights from international and domestic points of origin. Airport Taxis are available for the 11⁄2 hour drive to Alamos. Your Alamos hotel proprietors can arrange private transportation. Car rental is also available for pick-up at the airport.


Another option particularly, if a stop to the coastal town and marinas of San Carlos are on your itinerary. Bus service is available to Alamos, or by private vehicle, the trip to Alamos takes 31⁄2 hours.

Los Mochis (LMM)

It’s a 21⁄2 hour drive or 4-hour bus trip from Alamos and an excellent international entry point if you are considering a side trip to the Copper Canyon.

Hermosillo, (HMO)

More frequent service by major international and domestic carriers. Bus service is available to Alamos, or by private vehicle the trip to Alamos takes 41⁄2 hours. Rental cars are available at the Airport.

Mazatlan (MZT)

Another port of entry to consider because of the economical air charter packages available.

Flying from Tijuana is a good option. A pedestrian bridge offers easy access to the Tijuana airport from San Diego. Take the CBX, which is the cross border express, from Tijuana to the US (the cost is $16 USD). VOLARIS flies direct several days per week.

Getting here by Charter Flight

Private jet charters from throughout the U.S. to Alamos, are available.

Pacific Jet Charters

They have an extensive fleet and highly trained pilots, familiar with Alamos.

Getting Here By Group Tour

Group tours to Alamos are often available from the Audubon Society, Pima College or the University of Arizona, the Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Other operators you may consider are:

Solipaso Excursions

Birding and Natural History Tours in the Alamos area as well as other parts of Mexico.

Fiesta Tours

Small group tours to Alamos and the Copper Canyon.

A Closer Look Tours

Delivers much more than the traditional ‘Mexican Getaway’. Experience classic Mexico, a unique experience in quaint villages, colonial cities, impressive canyons. A favorite tour combines Alamos and the scenic Copper Canyon.

South of the Border Tours

Tour and charter bus company with special trips for the annual Festival Alfonzo Ortiz Tirado every January.

Getting Here By Bus

Direct and economical first class bus service is available from Phoenix, Tucson or Nogales to Alamos daily via bus company, TUFESA direct to Navajoa.

Upon arrival switch to the local ALBATROS bus, which operates hourly to Alamos during daytime hours.
Toll Free: (833) 766-3553 | Call Now


1614 N. 27th Avenue
Tel: 602-415-9900


5550 12th Avenue
Tel: 520-294-3780


181 No. Arroyo Blvd.
Tel: 520-287-9977

The trip runs between 12 and 15 hours with approximately five stops at bus stations along the route, including a stop at the international border.

As a visitor to Mexico, you will need a tourist visa so you must carry your passport as proof of citizenship. You can obtain a visa in Nogales, Mexico when the bus stops at the border or you may want to get it ahead of time by checking with the Mexican consulate in Tucson.
553 S. Stone Avenue Tucson AZ | Call Now

Getting Here by Car or RV

Highway Driving to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico from Tucson, Arizona, USA is easy on a four-lane divided toll road. The drive is approximately 475 miles and takes about nine hours, including one hour to complete Mexican immigration and secure the vehicle permit.

Mexican Auto Insurance can be purchased in Nogales, Arizona from many sources including:

After crossing the border you will travel to Km 21, where you will obtain your temporary multiple entry Visitor’s Visa for up to 180 days per year. You must have a valid Passport as this is the ONLY document that is accepted.

Travelers going only as far as Guaymas/San Carlos on the toll road from Nogales do not need to get a vehicle permit. If you are stopping in Alamos, and continuing South of Sonora, you must obtain a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit which is ONLY issued at you get at KM. 21.

If you are NOT traveling South of Sonora, an ONLY SONORA vehicle permit is required, which is more economical and does not require to post a bond.

The SONORA ONLY vehicle permit is good for a single trip valid only in the state of Sonora for a term of up to 180 days. You must enter and leave Mexico from Nogales Port of Entry at KM. 21.

To obtain the SONORA ONLY vehicle permit, first, you must stop at the Immigration Office at KM. 21 just south of the border to get your Tourist Visa. Secondly, proceed to KM. 98, south of Guaymas and Empalme, where you will present all appropriate vehicle documentation, your passport, driver’s license, visa and pay the permit fee.

Be sure to have all the appropriate paperwork and specifically, the Vehicle Registration in Name of Driver for ALL your vehicles, including ones being towed.

Regulations change on short notice so you may want to stop in Nogales, AZ to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance and verify the documentation you will need.

The 180 day temporary for all of MEXICO – Vehicle Import Permit requires that the owner of the vehicle post a bond by using the owner’s credit card (only VISA, Master Card, American Express, or Diner’s Club); or buying a bond; or leaving a guarantee cash deposit. The simplest and least expensive method is to use your credit card.

For either permit you will require: proof of ownership, the original vehicle registration; a valid driver’s license; proof of citizenship, valid Passport; and a current Mexican Tourist Visa.

Upon Departure from Mexico, you will need to turn in your hologram sticker (permit) at KM. 21, otherwise, the Mexican government will assume that you have illegally sold the car in Mexico, a warrant will be issued for your arrest, and you will not be allowed to secure another vehicle entry permit in the future.

If traveling with a pet, the U.S. Government requires a U.S. vet certificate (Form 77043) and a rabies certificate valid within the last 6 months for returning dogs and cats.

It is best not to take firearms into Mexico unless you are on a pre- arranged hunting excursion, are very familiar with the laws and have the right permits.

It is best to change some money into Mexican currency, pesos, before you begin your journey south. Toll booths do not accept dollars.

Carretera Internacional #15 is a four lane divided toll road all the way to the border between Sonora and Sinaloa. The speed limit outside of town is100 to 110 kph about 62 to 68 mph. Although the toll road is fenced, there are still cattle, goats, horses, and bicyclists on the road, so watch out. There are speed bumps along the route particularly on the outskirts of towns. These are called TOPES, so slow down whenever you see this sign.

There are 6 toll booths between the border and Alamos. The tolls range from $35 pesos to $75 pesos each.

Getting Here By Private Aircraft

Pilots are Welcomed in Alamos

Alamos boasts a newly resurfaced 5,000 foot runway in great condition. The Alamos City Airport is fenced and has adequate space for aircraft of all sizes plus a state of the art hangar. Night landings are not permitted as there are no runway lights.

Alamos Coordinates are:
Runway 13 – N27 02 62, W 108 57 25, Elevation 1,318’
Runway 3 – N27 02 06, W 108 56 63, Elevation 1,298’ ICAO

Identifier: MM-45

The runway is very visible at about 11 o’clock to the village. Use Unicom 122.8 other aircraft. It is monitored some of the time and the operator has limited English.

Security is provided by the Mexican Military stationed at the airport. The Airport attendant will meet your plane, register your arrival and assist to tie-down or to park in the hangar. He can also assist you with transportation to your hotel. There is a combined landing/overnight fee, to be paid to the city at the airport office. Hangar space is available to Hacienda de los Santos guests at no charge, or a nightly fee for non-guests when space is available.

Flying to Alamos, Sonora requires a stop at an international port of entry such as Hermosillo (ICAO: MMHO) or Ciudad Obregon (ICAO: MMCN) to Clear Customs and Immigration.

Websites of interest when planning a flight to Alamos: For current information regarding crossing the US Border under the new Homeland Security Mandates visit Baja Bush Pilots. For mandatory requirements for flights crossing US borders, visit Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Club Pilots De Mexico

Club Pilots De Mexico began in 1999 as an idea, now it is 500 members strong. Their concerted efforts have made Alamos Airport a first class jet capable airport with rating that includes Falcon 20 & Lear 45, a paved ramp parking for more than 65 aircraft, and an upgraded 5,000 feet runway.

All ‘Piloto’ members receive complimentary parking in the Hangar, operated by the Haciendas de los Santos. Jim Swickard, originator of the Club Pilotos de Mexico, is available by email for questions regarding the Club, the Pilotos Annual Fly-In, and general information. Jim Swickard’s email:

Websites of interest when planning a flight to Alamos:

For current information regarding crossing the US Border under the new Homeland Security Mandates visit Baja Bush Pilots.

For mandatory requirements for flights crossing US borders, visit Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection