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Real Estate

Alamos, Sonora, the northern most Colonial Town in Mexico, is only 450 miles from the US Border, and home to many foreign residents. The saying is … “first day you love Alamos, second you are not sure, and on the third you buy”. As Alamos is outside the restricted zone for home ownership, titles are conveyed fee simple.

Andalusian Haciendas, of the time of the Silver Barons, have been renovated to offer a gracious style of living with central gardens, fountains, spacious rooms with 20 foot ceilings, fireplaces and pools. Low cost of living makes Alamos, a favored vacation home destination for foreigners and nationals.

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Alamos Realty

Broker: Liliana Margarita Carosso
Sonora State Real Estate License #51
Calle Obregon #3, Colonial Center
Office: (647) 428-0350; Cel: 647-105-5022

Established in 1996, Alamos Realty is the Premier Source of Properties for Sale in Alamos, Mexico. A Full Service Real Estate office with a team of professionals, of unmatched reputation and enthusiasm to assist you at every stage of your transaction. Assistance is available for Estate Planning, Wills and Last Testaments, as well as Probates.

Alamos Real Estate

Broker: Graciela “Chela” Alcorn
Calle Victoria #5, Colonial Center on Plaza
Cel: 647-404-0029

Professional realtor serving national and international buyers for home, land and commercial real estate purchases. Additional services include property and construction management.

Vacation Home Rentals

In Alamos, home rentals are generally reserved directly with owners, the above realty offices can direct you.
The websites, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, and HomeAway, have several
listings of Alamos vacation rental properties.

Colonial Architecture


Alamos is often referred to as the city of portals. The portal or portico can be found on the interior or exterior of the home. These covered outside living spaces with columns and arches support the roof. Portals on the exterior were symbols of social status and found on the more stately homes.


The column supports the arches and the portal roof. Local artisans influenced the more traditional Doric or Corinthian designs to create Alamos’ own unique and varied styles. The original columns were of wood. Plaster columns and arches were added in the 19th century.

Recessed Windows of Adobe Walls

The walls are constructed of adobe and can measure three to four feet in width. This is a perfect example of how the environment influences the design. The thick walls and recessed windows serve to auto regulate temperatures within during the hot summers and cool winters. Windows and doorways in particular show the Andalusian or Moroccan influence on Alamos colonial structures.


The wrought iron grill work is a specialty of Alamos’ craftsmen. The ‘reja’ or iron grill work over windows and doors is used for ornamentation as well as security.


A characteristic of the more elaborate portal is the arch which provides the perspective through which the building is seen. The arches are varied in width, thickness, height and ornamentation as it was an indicator of wealth and close relationship to the Church.

Beams and Ceilings

The height of the “Amapa” tree determined length of the beams which then determined the width of rooms and portals. The “Amapa” tree is termite resistant, now a protected species. Originally ceilings and roofs were laid on the Amapa by diagonally placing “vara blanca” on the beams, then a layer of straw and mud to support the covering bricks.


The cornice is a decorative Greek feature found along the roofline of a structure. Two designs are most prevalent in Alamos, the traditional Greek design which is that of a man’s profile or the ‘pecho de paloma’ profile of a dove’s breast created by the Mexican artisans.

Canales – Water Spouts

As roofs are flat cantera stone spouts and now cement ones direct the rainwater off the roof and away from the building.